Articles rooted in Scripture to challenge and grow your faith (1 Thess. 5:21).

Delaying or avoiding death is the quintessential hope of most, if not all, of mankind. Thus the hope of everlasting life has an appeal to all. While many seek to obtain some form of everlasting life, not all will find true life (John 17:3; 1 Cor. 15:19). The reason for this is that most are looking in the wrong places. As the apostle Paul wrote...

“If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most pitiable.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:19

You will not find everlasting life in a bottle or a pill. Medical science may certainly improve your quality of life in a limited sense and even extend life to a degree, but it is a well-documented fact that most will only see seventy to eighty years of life. As the psalmist wrote, “The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years, the their boast is only labor and sorry; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away” (Psa. 90:10). There is only One Physician that has forever solved the problem of death for man (find a Bible and read Luke 4:32; 5:31; 8:43 and 1 Cor. 15:50-57).

You certainly cannot buy everlasting life. The amount of time we will spend during our limited lives in the pursuit of wealth and riches is amazing. Yet, all of the silver and gold in this world cannot pay the price required for eternal life. As Peter points out, “...knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold . . . But with the precious blood of Christ” (1 Pet. 1:18-19). The added irony is that all those who desire to be rich only detract from the hope of eternal life, instead of enhancing it (read 1 Tim. 6:6-10). 

Until we acknowledge that we all have an appointment with death, we cannot even begin to appreciate the “hope of everlasting life” (Tit. 1:2; 3:7). According to passages such as Hebrews 9:27, 1 Corinthians 15:51 and Ecclesiastes 12:7, we all will die physically (i.e., our spirits will be separated from our bodies). Yet, only those who are willing to “die to sin” through repentance from sin and baptism into Christ’s death will realize the hope of eternal life through His resurrection (read Rom. 6:1-7). Thus, in order to live, we must first die.

Would you like to have eternal life? Are you without that hope in your life right now (read Eph. 2:12 and 1 Thess. 4:13-14)? Perhaps it is time to turn your life over to and believe in the only ONE who has the words of eternal life, Jesus Christ, the Son of God (read John 6:68-69).