la-sp-oly-roundup-20120730-001For those who love sports, the Olympics can be an exciting time. The greatest athletes in the world are put to the test and we watch in amazement as they perform feats that blow our minds. In some cases, however, it is not just their athletic abilities that are put on display, but also their bodies. From beach volleyball to water polo, some athletes choose to wear uniforms that cover up little more (if any more) than underwear. This is often accepted as normal because it is the uniform of a sport. Others will argue that it is necessary to wear these uniforms because the athletes need to be able to move freely in order to compete well in their sport.

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grumpy pharisee-jpegHello, my name is Josiah Truthstickler and I am a Pharisee and a Legalist. You will not find these titles on my driver’s license or on a plate hung on my office door. In fact, I didn’t know I was a Pharisee or a Legalist until recently. Here’s what happened: A friend of mine and I were discussing a Bible issue over which we had some differences.   I tried to show him why I believed the way I did from the scriptures. I explained the need for authority in everything we believe and practice. My friend talked about different people and popular books who agreed with him. I kept going back to the scriptures and refused to move. I suppose he felt I was being a bit stubborn.

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telestrationsLast night I was hanging out with some friends and we were playing a game called "Telestrations." The concept is a mixture between the old "Telephone" game and Pictionary. Each person is given their own word that no one knows but them. They write that word down and then draw a picture of it on the next page. They turn the page and pass the drawing booklet to the next person. That person can only look at the drawing and they have to write down what they think the drawing is. The next person receives the drawing booklet and they have to draw a picture of what the person before them guessed. This goes around for eight turns... one person draws and the next person guesses. By the end, what started out as a horse could come back as a hot dog.

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