A brief history of the congregation that meets in Trussville, AL.

The Trussville Church had its beginnings through the efforts in the early 1940’s of brethren John T. Lewis and D.N. Wallace. A small group began meeting with Brother Lewis doing the preaching. The church began meeting regularly on July 3, 1941. The work was originally supported by the West End church. Later the Woodlawn church assisted in the effort. Soon property was purchased and funds were raised, again largely due to the efforts of Brethen Lewis and Wallace and the brethren at both West End and Woodlawn, and a building was built. The building was completed in 1947. The present building (2005) is a modification of the original.

Early members included the Alvin Wade family, the Howard Waid family, the Jerry Watson Family, the Underwood family, the Postlethwaite family, the Whitehead family, the Harris family and the Hackworth family among others. Growth was accomplished and Brethren Postlethwaite and Hackworth were appointed elders and Brethren Alvin Wade and Howard Waid were selected as Deacons. Brother Jerry Watson was the very accomplished song leader. Later Bother Howard Waid assumed the song leading duties and continued in that role until his health began to fail.  His son, Steve, is one of the song leaders today. Brother D.N. Wallace remained a member until his death in the 1960's.

The Church experienced exceptional growth in the early 50’s. In 1954 a controversy developed over the cooperation issues. The result was the resignation of the Elders who both left to attend elsewhere. The controversy ended when the majority of the brethren decided to stay with the “old paths” and the work continued. The church continued its growth and major modifications were completed on the building in the 1960’s. Additional remodeling was done on the building in the 80’s.

In addition to its work locally, the church has contributed to several works in the missionary field. The Trussville Church has supported men in the past in South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines and in the States in several hard pressed locations. Brethren who have preached regularly for the church are, in order of their time: Bro. E.L. Wade, Bro. E.W. Wade, Bro. William O. “Billy” Mitchell, Bro. Hiram Hutto, Bro. Pruett, Bro. David Lawrence, Bro. Reginald Ginn, Bro. Cherrill Schmid, Bro. Terry Benton and the current preacher, Bro. Aaron Beard.

Brethren who have held gospel meetings for this Church include, Bro. Granville Tyler, Bro. Bob Crawley, Bro. Curtis Flatt, Bro. Aubrey Belue, Bro. Jere Frost, Bro. Hugh Davis, Bro. Frank Smith, Bro. Kevin Clark and many others.

This congregation followed the lead of other congregations in the Birmingham area in forming the nucleus for the beginnings of several congregations in the Eastern area of Jefferson County. The Pinson Church had its beginnings when a group from Trussville left with the blessings of the brethren at Trussville to start a work in Pinson. The Clay Church was started largely by members of the Trussville Church. Again they had the blessings of the local brethren. Trussville contributed at least five families to join with others in beginning the Church at Moody in St. Clair County. Likewise several families left to help in starting the work in Springville, also in St. Clair County. Trussville contributed families to the work at Sun Valley as it had its beginnings. Several members left to join in the establishment of the Centerpoint Church as a result of the controversy in the 50’s. The members at Trussville are proud of having been a part in these congregations..                                                                    

Today the Trussville membership is fortunate to have  men who can teach Bible classes and “ fill in” for the preacher when called upon. Several of the men do an excellent job of leading the singing. Some of the members are the sons and daughters of some of the early members. Those who have “gone on” would be proud of them for the work they do in “standing for the old paths."

The City of Trussville is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama. The future of the Lord’s cause in this area looks bright indeed. Plans are underway, property has been purchased and construction has begun for a new building in the spring of 2020. The work continues at this time.